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Since established, by constantly pursuing of innovation and excellence in the business model, industry layout and customer experience, GLOBAL WINGS has won the leading trading and customer volume in the business aviation industry,and became Worldwide Leading Business Aviation Integrated Service Provider. The group continues to improve the standards of the business aviation industry, creating a high level of comprehensive service platform. Its charter flight keeps its leading role; the ground handling service company has tens of millions of dollars in reserve in the Asia-pacific region. Aircraft management has launched, the size of the management fleet has reached more than 20; Aviation media has integrated online APP, official account, high-end magazine, airport VIP room, advertising agency of FBO and over 400 business aircraft fleet media resources. The company has reached all-media integrated marketing channels, covering more than one million high-net-worth individuals in the business aircraft field.

Operate 5,000 business aircrafts around the world, save 4.5 million hours per year for customers Charter flight
400 hours per month,covering 300 cities in the world
Charter for more than 150,000 customers annually, including global political leaders, business leaders, cultural and sports stars, fortune global 500, luxury brands giants, and special care and rescue for critically patients
No complaint during execution

GLOBAL WINGS launched the world’s first online charter service APP “BIZ-JETS SHARING” , completely changed the traditional mode of global business aircraft charter service. Up to now, GLOBAL WINGS can
operate more than 6,000 scheduled flight in Asia, and has begun to expand its global market and carried out in-depth cooperation with more than 200 business aviation operators around the world.

The fleet size managed by the company has been over 20, including Boeing, Airbus, Gulf Stream, Bombardier, Dassault etc. The company is actually the industry leader in hosting scale and service experience. The company also operates Dassault Falcon900 and Bombardier GLOBAL6000 to provide customers with better services with high quality.

Provide a comprehensive range of business aircraft services for global private flight, charter flight,
emergency flight and diplomatic flight, including ground agent, aviation support, aviation fuel support,
third party charges disbursement, catering service, charter consulting and business aircraft service.The team composes of professional elites in the global business aircraft industry, providing customers with the best service in more than 500 cities around the world and more than 300 FBO in the asia-pacific region to meet travel needs at any time.

The company’s business involves aviation media channel development, upgrading service of FBO, digital content marketing, super race development and communication, customer relationship management, public relationships, media agency, high-end brand activities, etc. It has precise channels in the field of business aviation and serves high net worth individuals.

GLOBAL WINGS founded FBO industry funds which will be used for the development and construction project of FBO, and for making the breakthrough of business aircraft service. In the future, GLOBAL WINGS will be devoted to business aviation operations and investment, FBO construction, aircraft production and sales etc.,which will promote global business aviation market.

• High-efficiency Flight Permission Application
• Professional Aircraft Management and Charter Services
• Multi-media Channels
• High-quality Aviation Ground Handling System
• Full time, Various types of Aircraft resources
• High-quality Air Customized Service

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