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With a history of over 1,800 years, GujingGong Baijiu (liquor tribute, literally) is one of the eight famous spirits in China. In ancient times since it became a tribute to an emperor in 196 A.D., the liquor had been contributed to and favored by imperial families for so many centuries. In today’s China, it is a four-time winner of the national gold prize to brand baijiu.

The process of the making of this longtime-cellared liquor is defined as a millennium “Jiuyun Jiufa” brewing craftsmanship that is inscribed into the List of the Anhui Intangible Cultural Heritage: the traditional fermentation is carried out in the pits left from the Ming Dynasty now under national protection; the extraction of the quintessence of the original alcohol is carried out at meticulously chosen times after steamed grains and fermented grains being mixed several times at selected layers and further fermentation; and the final step of the process is the several-year natural improvement in the Wuji liquor cellar.

With the establishment of academician and postdoctoral workstations and the resident office of the Research Institute of Chinese Liquor and Human Health in succession for the development of the liquor industry, a strong innovation platform has been established in the headquarters of Gujing Group to strongly support its intelligent production and green fermentation, which has enabled the liquor to improve in a better, green, safe and clean environment. As a result, the group has been consecutively honored as a top 10 green and socially responsible enterprise and entitled as a national industrial quality benchmark enterprise.

Gujing Group is a diversified group company. It runs “four platforms” for its business, namely, “the production platform” with liquor sector as the core, “the industrial platform” with real estate management, business tours and deep processing of agricultural products as the main parts, “the financial platform” with the financial group as the backbone, and “the cultural tourism platform” featuring liquor culture, liquor ecology, liquor industry and liquor tourism.

The strategic goal of Gujing Group is to polish itself into an digital,international and legal brand, make the dream of the rejuvenation of the “No.1 liquor tribute in China” become true, and let the world full of the bouquet of the GujingGong Baijiu.

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