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Kunyu Design
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Kunyu Design was founded in 2003. It focuses on the design and research of interior space and furnishing art. It is dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive design solutions centered on interior design. It is a design consulting service organization providing all-round interior design. For different projects to provide a complete market positioning, design planning and throughout the whole project construction process of construction drawings design, site management and various departments of acceptance stage services.

While adhering to the design soul and adhering to the ingenuity and humanism, Kunyu design always keeps pace with the times, so that design has the influence of the times is our core culture. In the process of company growth, continuous research and innovation is a kind of innate core internal drive. It is our pursuit and mission to promote the progress and innovation of the industry.

Since its inception, the team organization of Kunyu Design has been people-oriented and management-based. It not only has a strong elite management team, but also has an advanced partnership system. So it attracts a large number of outstanding designers to join, and also has a group of high-quality senior managers in the design industry to form an international cooperation team.

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