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LAS DIVING CHINA – A diving sports brand founded by Shanghai LAS Sports Development Co., Ltd. Established in 2016, it is dedicated to promoting marine culture and diving sports, integrating the spirit of diving into urban life, and creating a new way of healthy and fashionable living.

Under this brand, there are urban stores and outdoor diving spots, including LAS DIVING, LAS VISION, and YES! DIVING. Over the years, LAS has expanded its international diving courses and diving trips to more than 30 countries, with a strong focus on establishing comprehensive diving spaces within cities.

As a member unit of the CSUPF, China Water Sports Administration, LAS actively participates in national mermaid competitions, textbook writing, national underwater photography and videography competitions, and textbook compilation, and has continuously witnessed Chinese divers breaking Asian and world records, placing them at the forefront of the world.

“LIVE A STORY.” As a cutting-edge fashion sports brand of the 21st century, LAS aims to lead a new generation of diving enthusiasts to challenge themselves, express themselves, and embody a youthful aquatic lifestyle, allowing diving culture to become ingrained in people’s hearts.

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