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Marc Juan
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Like Marco Polo explores the earth; like the Hu people integrates into the world; like the peace reigns over the land.
Every time when a plane takes off, a train leaves the platform or a cruise ship sets sail, each traveler starts the journey with mixed emotions and expectations. The philosophy of MarcJuan Private Travel Customization is to create a personalized traveling for each person, each family and each group. Our customized traveling route covers five continents. The world is huge, but we are very dedicated in what we do. We are aimed to be your personal butler during the journey and we will make your day. At present, several theme customized travels have already launched——graduation trip, oversees wedding, honeymoon customization, oversees team building, and old age royal tour, for example. Regardless of which life stage it is, MarcJuan can have your journey custom-made and make unforgettable memories for you.

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