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No2A is a brand-new art and culture organization focusing on the field of contemporary art. No2A has many years of experience in branding, and has rich art promotion and communication capabilities. With abundant resources of Japanese and domestic outstanding artists, No2A connects brands and artists with all-round professional art operation services, and reaches out to consumers, and enhances brand power through artistic methods. Adhering to the spirit and attitude of art, openness and youthfulness, No2A has opened its offline space in June 2016, and continues to provide a platform for multi-dimensional exhibitions, comprehensive performances, and art events to take place. No2A has appeared in different corners of Shanghai in a flexible and unrestricted mode, and has led the audience to live an artistic life together with space as the medium and art as the language.

Art Consulting and Planning / Art Allocation / Digital Art Operation / Art Supporting Services / Art Derivative Projects / Art Asset Portfolio Management

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