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The story of Ocean Owner is also the story of world trade. The seeds of tea spread from China to the world, witnessing the demise of an Asian dynasty, the rise of a European empire, and the rebirth of an American continent. In the great diversion of history, new waterways have been opened up, the fashion of tea drinking is being reshaped, the Silk Road is extended and inherited, this ancient and fashionable flavor journey is full of challenges and creation, which is the game of the braves.

Ocean Owner is a leading tea brand with an independent global supply chain, tea has always been one of our core businesses, dating back to the tea trade between Europe and China in the early 19th century. We have established a high-quality supplier system on a global scale, created a world-leading manufacturing process, accumulated 187 years of research and development experience, from the European Union testing standards to HACCP certification and German organic certification, we have always adhered to high-quality management system, from paperless management to “voice pick up” and product traceability, achieving efficient and intelligent warehousing operations.

At present, through the hard work of our world famous tea master,we have more than 5000 kinds of tea, including traditional tea, ordinary tea blends, flavored tea, decaffeinated tea, flavored fruit tea blends, herbal tea and spice tea blends (Rooibos tea, Brazilian Mate tea), etc.

Breaking through the tradition, not to be defined, embracing changes, Ocean Owner has been setting sail again in the exploration journey of flavor, becoming its own master, just as the Whale Poems says “Oh! the rare old whale, ‘mid storm and gale, In his ocean home shall be, A giant in might, where might is right, And king of the boundless sea! “

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