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Guangzhou KangNaiDeng household products co., LTD., affiliated to Hong Kong KangSheng group, has 20 years of modern international furniture skills, after three years of research and thought, launched a new high-end fashion blackwood brand – PuRui.
Pu, uncarved jade. Good things do not need to be carved, do not need to fight, is the gold will one day shine;
Rui, is wisdom. Wisdom person, he is introverted won’t go easily make public, this is the character of Pu Rui – “without dispute”.
These two words combined together is PuRui, PuRui embodies a low-key wisdom.
PuRui inherits the essence of Chinese culture, integrates traditional Chinese rosewood art, tea culture, aloes culture, guqin culture, jade culture, contemporary calligraphy and painting, and flower arrangement art, and interprets the Chinese culture with a new concept, so that the life art of “simplicity, wisdom, elegance, leisure and tranquility” returns to contemporary life.

PuRui is the choice of smart people.

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