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Shanghai Lvbang Technology Development Co., Ltd
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Shanghai Lvbang Technology Development Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the dissemination and promotion of vacation culture. Its business services include conference, exhibition and exhibition services, ticket agency and hotel reservation services, agency for tourist visas from various countries, etc. It also focuses on direct procurement of vacation resources and independent design and research. Vacation products meet various personalized vacation needs, actively advocate and promote the concept of essential vacation culture, make vacation life more exciting, and allow every customer who accepts Lvbang services to enjoy travel and vacation and share the happiness brought by it.

Shanghai Lvbang Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Lvbang).

Lvbang is a B2C platform specializing in boutique vacations, business, corporate exhibitions and conferences, incentive travel and on-demand customized travel plans.

Lvbang focuses on the development of leisure and resort-style tourism products, which can provide Chinese people with a variety of high-quality outbound tourism and domestic tourism services. With in-depth theme tours, personalized free travel, and single-group customization as its core products, Lvbang has established a strong presence in Southeast Asia and Southeast Asia. Overseas tourism markets such as island tours have resource advantages and have always been in a leading position.

As a professional travel service customization platform, Lvbang is based on advanced Internet technology and new online marketing service concepts, organically integrating various travel elements such as independent travel, group tours, visas, air tickets, hotels, destination value-added services, and travel information. Integration to provide customers with one-stop self-service and personalized solutions for customizable itineraries.

What we service: Provide high-quality themed travel for influential people and quality-living people, and create a “club” for life and travel with high-end connections.

In traditional tourism, a tour guide takes you there. In our tour, a travel expert or expert takes you there; the team is accompanied by professional explorers, botanists, management scientists, folklorists, photographers, translators, and professional tour leaders. Health experts and media people will accompany you, allowing people who are better at traveling to take you on a journey. This is a mobile classroom and a brand new learning experience. Let experts in different fields help you interpret the value of your spiritual journey from different aspects.

Traditional tourism is about just looking at things, but we advocate travel and vacation to relax your mind and let the itinerary give you more experiences and insights to bring you a happy mood.

Lvbang Tourism Brand Culture:

From loving life and traveling, upgrading to fashionable life and happy travel, once again improving the taste of life and taste of travel, and ultimately guiding travelers to live a quality life, travel with quality, share and spread the happiness of travel!

Lvbang’s brands:

1. Xiaobang vacation

Focus on mid-to-high-end island private vacations, customized vacations and boutique niche tours;
The same island scenery, but a different vacation life.

2. Travel State

Humanized and more private; slow-paced and deeply experienced;
(1) Do not join a group, just enjoy the best privacy and space comfort vacation itinerary with relatives or friends;
(2) Return to the essence of vacation, travel, and experience more local customs;
(3) One vacation, lifelong friends. nation wide
customer service: 400 822 1182

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