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Shanghai Xiangjiang Art Gallery
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Since its establishment, already over a decade, Shanghai Xiangjiang Art Gallery has been committed to promoting and developing Chinese traditional culture and contemporary art, spreading elegant works of art to the whole society, and actively searching for a combination of eastern and western cultures, strengthening the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign art, making efforts for Chinese culture and art to the world. Xiangjiang Art Gallery not only constantly promotes well-known domestic artists, but also provides more opportunities for young artists to show their works. Xiangjiang Art Gallery for more than ten years has of strong media support, to provide better exhibition space and extensive media publicity for artists, so as to achieve the best results of the promotion. Xiangjiang Art Gallery not only provides an opportunity for artists to exhibit their works and express their style, but also opens up a broader market space for artists to form a functioning art institution that truly combines art and economy, appreciation and investment.

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