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SNOWBOTS is located at Yongkang RD of Xuhui, Shanghai. This area is famous by its stronge atmosphere of culture and fashion.

Hence SNOWBOTS is providing most fashionable, nevertheless both professional and functional snow equipment around the globe. Ensure our customer enjoy fine and comfortable day to day skiing condition.

Over the top, SNOWBOTS includes top of the range coaching service. Our coaches are all license from major international snowboarding/skiing institutions. From in shop snow simulator to ever snow slope in China, SNOWBOTS instructors ensure our trainees with safe and happy skill improvement and stay ready for every piece of snowflake.

If you are new to snowboarding or skiing, then SNOWBOTS is your best companions. We also host numerous skiing event around the globe. Providing our club members overwhelming social event on and off the slope, and make sure over club members can find their best slope partners!

So if you are interested in snow sport, SNOWBOTS is home for you!

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