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Souldiiving, at the moment when we are in the city, our body and heart are fully stretched, and your anxiety and pressure will also be extinguished, just like you are a fish and a part of the ocean.



Scuba diving refers to the diving activities carried out by divers with their own underwater respiratory system. There are open breathing system and closed breathing system. The principle is to use the regulator device to convert the compressed gas in the cylinder into the pressure that can be used for normal breathing of human body. Scuba diving is generally divided into recreational diving, technical diving and industrial diving: recreational diving generally refers to recreational diving activities, usually not more than 40 m deep.



Free diving refers to the movement that does not carry gas cylinders, but only adjusts the abdominal breath holding by itself to try to go deep diving. Free diving includes free diving activities aimed at entertainment, experience, photography and hunting, and ultimate breath holding deep diving of competitive nature.


Diving itinerary at home and abroad

The team is led by the club’s experienced diving coach, who teaches diving skills through travel and divers, improves diving skills, increases diving experience and explores the world’s top diving points. It is especially suitable for students who have no diving experience or dare not go abroad alone. The club is responsible for the technical guidance and revision of divers throughout the whole process. It can not only ensure the beautiful undersea scenery, but also avoid potential diving risks.


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