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SPADERS has been devoted to promoting skiing/snowboarding in the south and improving the skiing atmosphere since its establishment.

Up to now, it has formed a three-in-one member service framework consisting of SPADERS ACADEMY, SPADERS Lab , and SPADERS TOURS.

SPADERS ACADEMY offers training for skiers/snowboarders of different levels, with over 80 contracted skiers/snowboarders and instructors. It has established teaching bases in numerous ski resorts, developed training systems and materials, launched online query platforms, and facilitated weekend skiing bus services. It has also created unique programs such as the SPADERS Academy public courses.

Currently, SPADERS Lab. has stores in Shanghai World Expo Store, Shanghai Intelligence Exchange Store, Shanghai Panlong Plaza Store, Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Wuhan, Ningbo, Suzhou, Hefei, and Harbin. It represents and distributes more than 30 brands, with an annual sales revenue of nearly 100 million. It is expected to expand to 30 directly operated stores in the next three years.

SPADERS TOURS has traveled all over the world, including France, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Georgia, Russia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, as well as domestically in locations such as Beidahu Lake, Songhua Lake, Chongli, and Rongchuang.

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