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SUN CHATEAU Group was established in 2010 and is deeply involved in Shanghai’s high-end catering market. It currently owns SUN CHATEAU·North Bund, SUN CHATEAU·Shanghai Center and other restaurants, and its operations include Cantonese restaurants, seafood hot pot, and other high-end catering, wedding banquets, business banquets, and imports. Diversified businesses such as wine, food ingredients trading, top luxury goods agency and investment. SUN CHATEAU is committed to building the first social dining platform in Shanghai and has a chef team with two Michelin stars in Hong Kong.

SUN CHATEAU·North Bund is the social catering flagship store of SUN CHATEAU Group. It is located to North Bund in Shanghai, adjacent to the Bund International Architecture Expo to the west, and to the Lujiazui Financial District to the south. The Oriental Pearl Tower is across the river, and the ultimate view of the landscape along both sides of the river in Shanghai is available. The overall building is in the shape of a water drop, smart and beautiful, with an all-glass transparent structure and a banquet hall with full river views that can accommodate thousands of people at the same time. Taking mid-to-high-end catering and business activities as a platform, it advocates the business philosophy of “sharing quality life”. Since 2016, SUN CHATEAU·North Bund has grown into the number one catering tax company in Hongkou District, Shanghai and one of the top 100 enterprises.

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