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THINK LOGIC DESIGN GROUP is a design consultancy focusing on the sci-ence and education industry, providing one-stop design consulting services for the modern education industry.

With the process of urbanization, the demand for talents, traditional sup-porting educational facilities are increasingly unsuitable for the develop-ment of modern cities, but the focus on modern education industry and the lack of specialized R&D institutions. This triggers our thinking.

Therefore, in 2015, Si Xu Design was established in Shanghai. Under the auspices of Dr. Wang Tao, a group of design teams with educational background and professional design background were gathered.

In order to better and more comprehensively study the modern education industry, in 2016, Sishen and Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group reached a strategic cooperation in the design consultation of the nation-wide modern education park project, and cooperated with the strategic layout of Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group to jointly promote the layout of the modern education industry in China. . In the past three years of cooperation, I have walked through 30+ cities and completed the 10+ project.

THINK LOGIC DESIGN GROUP is committed to integrating upstream and downstream resources.

It provides integrated services including urban planning, architectural de-sign, interior design, landscape design and consulting, curriculum devel-opment, and more.

Since its establishment, Sishen has landed a number of educational demonstration parks, recognizing the new rise of the current education industry, and striving to bring urban culture and future education devel-opment to each city through one-stop professional design. The innovative education industry makes educational buildings a business card for urban areas.

A seed has sprouted…

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