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TJM Kitchenhouse
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Shanghai riyin trading co., LTD was established in 2017.

Mainly engaged in Japanese furniture, Japanese building materials, interior design. The products are supplied directly by Japanese manufacturers, and the environmental protection grade of all products is up to the international F4 star standard.

TAJIMA+Kitchenhouse (abbreviated as TJM Kitchenhouse) is a customized brand of TAJIMA+Kitchenhouse.

Founded in 1909, TJM has a history of more than 100 years and includes TAJIAMA and TAJIAMA KITCHENHOUSE.

Tajima tools, founded in 1909, owns more than 2000 kinds of products and has a market share of 80% in Japan.

Tajima integrated kitchen division was established in 1975, creating a precedent in the Japanese advanced integrated kitchen industry.

Famous people in all walks of life enjoy a high reputation, including the Japanese royal family, world famous designers, sports stars, actors, industrialists, artists and so on.

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