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UCHIDA.CO.,LTD. Is a Japanese company, was founded in Dalian, China in 1910.
In 1917, UCHIDA returned from China to Tokyo, Japan, to carry out business activities in Japan.
It was formally listed on the Tokyo stock exchange and Osaka stock exchange in January 1964. Up to now, it has 3,068 employees and annual revenue of about 165 billion yen.
Uchida Shanghai is a wholly owned subsidiary of UCHIDA, Japan. It was established in April 2008 with a registered capital of 17.5 million RMB.
The company’s main businesses include:

1, Professional console D-MOLO, D-MOLO +, D-MOLO S series of products in the domestic market production and sales, as well as overseas international market sales;
2. Production and sales of office furniture;
3. Professional space planning and design and supporting sales of related products.
As a professional console brands, UCHIDA foreign firm Shanghai company since sales started in 2012 to complete the product research and development, outstanding product design concept, excellent quality and rich product details function, won the domestic and foreign financial, transportation, public security, data management, the media industry the end user’s extensive praise.
We are committed to providing quality products to contribute to the development of society, we will continue to improve ourselves, we will continue to new challenges!

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