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CPMC Coprogress Education Group, founded in 2001, has a history of 22 years. UCMT relies on CPMC Coprogress Education Group to develop. UCMT is an all-inclusive application-oriented school registered in Switzerland. With the motto of Exploring uncharted territories, it is committed to building a future-oriented all-inclusive applied research school across space, time, and disciplines. UCMT is committed to cultivating GLOCAL leaders with Global Thinking and Local Execution Capabilities, to shoulder social responsibilities.

UCMT consists of six major industrial Schools, respectively, School of Global Business Management, School of Finance, School of Intelligent Manufacturing, School of Health Management, School of Digital Technology, School of Education Management.

UCMT offers professional doctor’s degree, professional master’s degree, and vocational bachelor’s degree study in digital technology, health, finance, and manufacturing industry. Degrees are included but not limited to MBA in Sustainable Management (MSM), EDBA in Sustainable Management (EDSM), DBA in Global Leadership (GDA), DBA in Education Management (DEM), DBA in Intellectual Manufacturing (DIMM), MBA in Intellectual Manufacturing (MIMM), DBA in Health Management (DHM), MBA in Health Management (MHM), DBA in Digital Transformation (DDT), DBA in Digital Economy Management (DDE), DBA in Finance (FDBA), DBA in Asset Management (DAM), DBA in Wealth Management (DWM), etc.

UCMT in collaboration with the Shanghai Management Science Society, organizes the annual “Shanghai Management Science Forum” and a series of sub-forums, focusing on various industries and key sectors, and conducts a rich array of online and offline events and lectures. As a member of organizations such as the China-France Chamber of Commerce, CMA (Comité Mondial pour les Apprentissages tout au long de la vie), EMSS (Engaged Management Scholarship Society), and GDA (Global Doctorate Association), UCMT leverages a wealth of management resources from both Eastern and Western perspectives, providing a wide platform for development and networking to students, alumni, and the wider community.

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