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Known as an emerging art brand, UGALLERY specializes in consumer-level original art and multifunctional spaces. With dedicated museum-level art space, it combines art resource worldwide, and aiming to create variety of art salons and workshops for art lovers. People are welcomed to interact with the exhibitions, contributing to the creative process themselves and finding the Art shall be all around you.


Artworks – UGALLERY is playing a central role in co-creating projects with over one hundred artists and constantly updating and adding consumer-grade original works of art.
Art Peripherals – UGALLERY designs creative related art peripheral for different art exhibitions and commercial events.
Specialty Coffee–High quality coffee beans that seeking from the original coffee zone, with professional roasting and QC team, the best flavor of coffee is presented by the well-trained barista.

Art Spaces

UGALLERY is an art space for originality and high-quality art exhibitions, also an Art and Cultural Centre. Global Artist Collective makes it possible for everyone to paint and hold exhibitions with artists all over the world. It is a great place to promote the exchange of art, aesthetics, and music, enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and fully immerse themselves in the incredible art experience and c Cross-border.

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