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WeAD is a comprehensive art consulting company dedicated to providing artistic products and customized services for spaces. We have a passion for design and art and seamlessly integrate art into spatial design to create a unique artistic experience for our clients. We have a professional team of spatial art consultants who offer tailored artistic solutions for architects, designers, and property owners. Acting as a bridge between artists and buyers, we have extensive experience and a broad network of resources to drive the development and dissemination of art collectively. We are committed to discovering the cross-boundary value between art and business, providing comprehensive services for commercial brands including exhibition planning, event organization, and operation to achieve mutually beneficial results. Additionally, we excel in art event planning and operation, crafting distinctive art experiences for brands. We also provide art training services, collaborating with art institutions, curators, and artists from various countries to delve into the allure and value of art. Our core value lies in possessing an extensive art resource library and maintaining close collaborative relationships with 100+ artists we frequently work with, covering various art categories. Moreover, we maintain strong partnerships with art institutions and schools both domestically and internationally. Through exhibitions, art salons, and other activities, we establish connections with clients, providing them with comprehensive and rich art consulting services. We also offer a convenient selection process for clients through an online mini-program platform. Users can easily browse artworks based on artist, style, medium, and price range. Whether you are a collector, interior designer, or art enthusiast, you can effortlessly find art of specific types. Our team is composed of professional and dynamic members, including seasoned art consultants, experienced art creatives, and experts in luxury brand marketing and content. They work together to provide clients with high-quality services.

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