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Built around a core of art and an idea of ‘Everyone is an artist.’, WEART is a multidimensional system where art and culture interact and share growth with our living.
Data accumulation, public aesthetic education as well as commercial content production constitute the body of WEART. These three parts run independently yet maintain an exchange of information, forming a comprehensive data chain and a self-circulated system.

We build WEART APP as a medium where art, culture and living space collide and merge. No matter you are an artist, a project issuer, or just an art lover, with our services and promise of ‘everyone is an artist’, you can discover and share artworks thus realize your dreams about art. The number of registered artists and uploaded artworks on WEART APP are growing rapidly.

WEART WeChat Applet is aim to build an e-commerce trading service platform for original artworks. Relying on a professional team, this applet constantly excavates excellent artworks, helping them to be implemented perfectly. All of the artworks or related derivatives sold online have been strictly reviewed. Users can collect artworks through purchase or online bidding without worrying, while our senior auction consultants will constantly answer their questions online.

WEART WeChat Official Account plays a role of art consultant for public by introducing artists, artworks and theories. We not only provide various columns of artwork and first-hand information of art exhibition to feast your eyes, it also offers exclusive interviews with artists and introduction of their works. More importantly, there will be unique artistic insights released by famous artists in the art industry. This

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