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WinTop Education Group was founded in 2007, adhering to the spirit that “practice makes perfect shortage in one, with” success depends on forethought. Committed to the international high-end business education, in 17 cities across the country, Win Top Education Group has more than 20 top business science and education base, and the recruit students is close 30,000, preparing a large number of business management elite for all walks of life in the country.

And our mission is to promote the development of higher business education in China, to accelerate the pace of business education development, to explore innovative development mode of business education, and to build a powerful open platform for the exchange and international cooperation of business education.

The main work of Win Top Education Group:
1. Organize and carry out research on theoretical and practical issues of higher business education;
2. Compile, publish and promote series of textbooks and academic monographs of higher business education;
3. Carrying out relevant investigation and research, evaluation and demonstration, teaching reform experiment, academic exchange and cooperation activities;
4. Organize forces to collect and study relevant information of teaching reform at home and abroad, pay attention to absorbing and spreading their beneficial reform achievements and experience;
5. Purposefully hold national symposium on teaching reform, promote reform results and organize teacher training;
6. Summarize experience and write special research reports and research papers;
7. Research the teaching evaluation system of business education courses, and participate in or undertake the teaching evaluation of business education courses;
8. Strive to establish a research journal of higher business education as soon as possible;
9. Open Windows, strengthen the exchange of information and achievements with overseas counterparts, establish contacts with overseas corresponding organizations, and gradually expand international influence

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