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Xiangjiang Gallery
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Shanghai Xiangjiang Gallery is a cultural communication institution under Shanghai Xiangjiang Culture Communication Co., LTD. It not only provides an opportunity for artists to display their works and show their style, but also further opens up a broader market space for artists, so that it truly forms an operation form combining art and economy, appreciation and investment.

Shanghai Xiangjiang Gallery in the continuous promotion of domestic well-known artists, but also fully provide more opportunities for young artists to show their talent. The gallery relies on the strong media support of Xiangjiang Culture Communication Co., Ltd. to provide artists with better exhibition space and extensive media publicity, so as to achieve the best promotion effect.

After several years of operation and development, Shanghai Xiangjiang Gallery has already possessed its own unique advantages and distinct characteristics, forming a pattern of dislocation development and unique operation with other traditional galleries. At the same time, it has a rich group of artist resources, and has long-term close cooperation with Zhang Peichu, Chen Jialing, Yang Zhengxin, Huang Azhong, Han Tianheng and other more than 100 outstanding painters, and it is constantly introducing a new generation of talented and powerful young painters.

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