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Youni is a university community platform where users can create, share, explore and connect. Most of users are university students. Through Youni’s splendid features and functions, impressive contents about universities’ life are created on Youni via a wide variety of media, including photos, texts, short videos and audio.

Youni’s mission is to build a universities life platform for young generation. With its immersive and interest-driven design, users touch on all areas of universities’ lifestyle, such as academics, knowledge, universities’ information, events, eating, fashion, food, beauty, travel, products, fitness, entertainment, etc.

Youni provides an innovative solution that enables students to express their authentic university lifestyles and ideas. It boasts a tight-knit universities’ community with high engagement, various university life contents, a proprietary algorithm and interest-driven recommendation system based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that fuels Youni’s steady user growth.

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